Animal Prints Photoshop Patterns

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Animal Prints Patterns

Patterns: 18

Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+

Description: Various animal prints and animal fur textures. Most are relatively seamless (although this is an older set, so they’re not perfect). Includes: cheetah, cow, dalmation, plain fur, giraffe, jaguar, leopard, lynx, ocelot, snake, snow leopard, tiger, white tiger, zebra.

Animal Prints Patterns
How to Install?
Terms of Use

Download the image pack (for those without Photoshop & GIMP)

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62 Responses to Animal Prints Photoshop Patterns

  1. Tiffany says:

    These are really pretty. Do you by chance know a way i can change the colors of them?

    • Stephanie says:

      @Tiffany: You could try applying them to a layer using a layer style, and then changing the way that layer style “interacts” with the layer by choosing “Luminosity” or “Color Dodge” or somesuch.

      That will kind of change the whole color of the thing, though. If you want to just change one of the colors, you could apply them to the layer, make a new layer beneath that one and then merge it down onto it (removing the layer style), then choose Image > Adjustments > Replace Color. Use the eyedropper to find the color you want to change, then move the sliders at the bottom to change it. (The slider on the top judges how much color is also changing, similar to that color you’re changing.) Hopefully that makes sense, it’s hard to describe without images and examples. :)

    • Emilie says:

      Go to Colors and click Colorify :)

  2. Yan says:

    Thank you so much for your prints. It really helps for my final project!!

  3. Celly says:

    Great brush :)

  4. Cc says:

    hey i love it..thanks!! tis’ all i need! :)

  5. Jonivere says:

    Your animal print patterns are unique and interesting. I downloaded them yesterday, love them, thanks for sharing.

    Though I have a question…as I went back to look them over I noticed at the beginning of the pack there was one that looked different, I clicked it and lo and behold it was one of my photos kept in file and is in a large PSD format. How this happened I have no idea, if you have any answers on how this occurred and how I can do it again I would love to hear it.

  6. 이지수 says:



  7. kawaii1992 says:

    omg! i finally,i’ve been looking for animal print brushes forever!
    thank you thank you thank you!!! :D

  8. 이고은 says:

    감사해요 ~ㅋ 이쁘게쓸게요
    thank you xoxo~

  9. 7daria7 says:

    Dzięki wielkie :D super wzorki :)

  10. Korean says:

    Good :) Thank U

  11. sstardancer says:

    I had the same aforementioned problem with gimp for these patterns, so I extracted the image files to my patterns folder, opened one up and saved it as .pat. Then I refreshed my patterns box and noticed that all the images were added as patterns. Just thought I’d mention this for other gimp users to try so they don’t waste time re-saving the image files as .pat when GIMP can read the images (.jpg) as patterns. I’m not sure if this will always work or whatnot, but it’s worth a try–just extract the images files to your patterns folder and see :)

    [I also posted this on the tutorial for installing photoshop patterns, since it’s more likely to be of use there.]

  12. Dread Knight says:

    Awesome website with awesome resources!

    Thanks A LOT!

  13. Albert says:

    Большое спасибо за прекрасно сделанные кисти и текстуры. Я выполню Вашу просьбу и буду указывать ссылки на Ваш сайт, чтобы о Вас знали больше людей. Спасибо!

    Thank you very much for the perfectly made brushes and textures. I will take your request and will include links to your site to know more about you people. Thank you!
    Мне помог Google Переводчик.

  14. Kazuyo Wada says:

    Thank your for sharing. I have used for my dress-up doll website. It’s perfect for some furrly clothes like coat, stole, scarf, or any other winter things. You can find these at

  15. Min-jue says:

    Thank you so much~ I like it!thank you!

  16. brilliant thanks, need these for a client project

  17. daeyun says:

    Thank you very much !!

  18. Cosmin says:

    Could you make a pattern like this for Corel Graphic Suite 12

    • Stephanie says:

      I’m sorry, I specialize in Photoshop resources. However, if you look below the download, there’s a link for downloading an image pack (it says for those without Photoshop & GIMP next to it). These are JPGs, and can be used in any program. So you can use them to make patterns in Corel Graphic Suite, or just use them as JPGs.

  19. Gordon says:

    Great patterns! I also downloaded the brushes, makes for a very powerful combination!!!
    Thank you for your great work,


  20. Blue Omega says:

    thanks you, it’s cool :D

  21. abbey says:

    what are all the different animal patterns

  22. Emily says:

    How do I make them into GIMP patterns manually? :)

    • Stephanie says:

      Sorry, not a clue how to use GIMP. :(

      You’d have to download the images, look up how to make images into patterns in GIMP, and that should help you through it. :) There’s a CHANCE they may even work as-is, if you download the patterns. I’ve heard from people that they CAN work.

      Good luck!

  23. Stephanie says:

    Hey thanks for posting these AWESOME patterns…I hope i can use them..I try installing them and when i do they always try opening in Microsoft word do you know what i am doing wrong? PLEASE HELp!! :) Thanks in Advamce!

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