Banners & Scrolls Photoshop Custom Shapes

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Banners & Scrolls Shapes

Custom Shapes: 21

Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+

Description: Various vector shapes of banners, scrolls, and other bits of parchment. Also includes a fountain pen in the form of a feather, an ink bottle, and more!

Banners & Scrolls Shapes
How to Install?
Terms of Use

Download the image pack (for those without Photoshop & GIMP)

Installing & Using Shapes:

Not sure how to install Photoshop’s custom shapes? Well, it’s almost exactly like installing Photoshop brushes. However, the file goes here:

Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop (version) > Presets > Custom Shapes
Applications > Photoshop (version) > Presets > Custom Shapes

Then, to load them:

  • open up Photoshop (if you saved them while PS is open, you’ll have to restart PS for them to show up automatically in the list)
  • hit “U” to bring up your custom shape tool
  • when you hover over that tool, it should say “Custom Shape Tool” – if it doesn’t, right click on that box and select it
  • File > New (CTRL-N or CMD-N), and make it whatever size you want – 600 x 600 will do
    on the top bar, next to where it says “Shape:” click on the little arrow just to the right of that thumbnail to open the Custom Shape Picker
  • then click on the small arrow on the upper right corner of that window
  • the “SS-banners-scrolls” should show up for you in that list, so select it and hit “Ok” to replace
  • you’ll now see the thumbnails of the banners and scrolls – click on whichever one you want to use
  • just below your main menu, on the left side, you’ll see the tool preset picker and then three different options for how to use shapes – make sure that “shape layers” is selected (hover over them with your mouse to see what each of them is) – this will make sure that your shape is filled in, and not just an outline of a shape/path
  • select the color that you’d like the banner or scroll to show up in as your foreground color
  • on your canvas, drag from somewhere in the upper left corner down to the lower right – you’ll see the shape as it’s being created, and once you let go, it will create it

TIP: If you want to keep the proportions the way that they were intended, hold SHIFT down while you’re dragging

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13 Responses to Banners & Scrolls Photoshop Custom Shapes

  1. claire says:

    thanks…it’s nice and versatile..

  2. xashee says:

    oh these shapes are WONDERFUL!! thank you so much for sharing!! :) Have a FANTASTIC day! :)

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  4. Anna says:

    A friend whose graphic artwork I’ve long admired recently sent me her “whos who” list of can’t live withouts. You were on her small and very selective list. I can see why now. I began a couple weeks ago working thru your tutorials and applying your hints.. and of course brushes. My PS world has moved to a completely new level thanks to your talent and generosity. Thank you doesn’t begin to express my gratitude but.. thank you!!

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  6. terry says:

    WOW! there great,who made them?

  7. ousaamah says:

    thank you sooo much u just saved me a days worth of work

  8. ashish says:

    its good…..!!!

  9. anand says:

    thank you sir for free download. its good thank you alot.

  10. thank you very much it is so helpful
    free full warez

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