Confusion Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

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Confusion Brushes

Brushes: 35

Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+
GIMP 2.2.6+

Description: Various brushes that follow the theme of “confusion” or “chaos.” Includes: wavy arrow, chaos symbol, blurry images, distortion, mazes, fractals, question marks, random designs, static, arrows heading every which way, contradicting signs, scribbles, spirals, moire diagrams, splatters, random designs, etc.

Confusion Brushes
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Download the image pack (for those without Photoshop & GIMP)

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5 Responses to Confusion Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

  1. oshi says:

    great keep up the good work.

  2. Emily says:

    You are awesome! THANKS!

  3. Lydia says:

    Awesomeness, thanks a ton! I think I’ve downloaded 90% of the brushes on this site!!

  4. Brittany says:

    Thank you so much!!! I just downloaded these brushes and they look so cool!!!

  5. Mónika says:

    thank you so much!!! :)

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