Grungy Pastels Themed Decoration Set

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Grungy Pastels Set

Background Images: 10
Ornaments as PNGs: 15
Writing: 30

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Description: A themed set of grungy pastel-colored decorative elements. Includes 10 background images (papers), 15 PNGs (ornaments such as buttons, strings of beads, grunge swirls, a tag, etc.), and 30 letters & symbols. All made to match one another. Great for scrapbooking, web design, and much more!

Very High Resolution!

Grungy Pastels Set
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3 Responses to Grungy Pastels Themed Decoration Set

  1. Mary Kay Baird says:

    Thank you! This set looks like fun!

  2. Shirley Kimbrough says:

    Love the fun-loving aura of this wonderful element kit. The color scheme is just perfect. Thank you for everything. Hugs. :)

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