Heart Bokeh Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

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Heart Bokeh Brushes

Brushes: 28

Photoshop CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 3+
GIMP 2.2.6+

Description: Various heart shaped bokeh brushes. Most brushes are made to be painted with to create a random bokeh effect, but there’s a few of pre-arranged heart bokeh designs, as well!

High Resolution!

Heart Bokeh Brushes
How to Install?
Terms of Use

Download the image pack (for those without Photoshop & GIMP)

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3 Responses to Heart Bokeh Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

  1. Elle says:

    Would it be too much to ask if bokeh brushes like these could be made for other “playing card symbols” (spades, clubs, diamonds)? I didn’t know if you would take requests especially for something so specific, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask and the worst thing you could say is no

    • Stephanie says:

      It definitely doesn’t hurt to ask! I’m not sure there’d be much demand for something like that, truthfully. I may just be able to make you some on commission if you’re really interested in it. It wouldn’t be much.

      Or you can look at the settings on these brushes and try to make your own using the other playing card designs. All it would take would be a bit of blurring (most bokeh is blurry – but if you didn’t want it to be, it doesn’t have to be), then some scattering effects added to the brush after you make it.

      I have a tutorial on how to make brushes, and also a tutorial on how to add scattering effects. So, in effect, the information is all out there in my tutorials if you choose to try it. :)

      If you’d rather just pay me to do it, let me know via my contact form! And if you try it yourself and need some help along the way, just let me know. I’d be happy to help.

      • Elle says:

        Sorry, I just saw this now. Thank you for replying, and I’ll try for the time being to make them myself, since I am both penniless and unwilling to put too much on your plate

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