Painting Realistic Skin Textures in Photoshop Tutorial

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Painting Realistic Skin Textures Tutorial
Photoshop CS-CS6, CC

This tutorial will walk you through how to create realistic skin textures in Photoshop. It will explain how to paint with the brushes, blend to create beautiful skin textures, as well as how to add pores and freckles to the skin.

This set is really made for digital painters. If you’re not already accustomed to painting portraits in Photoshop, it may not come of much use to you. But for the digital painters out there that use Photoshop for your painting, this set will help you create skin textures and blend colors like never before.

You’ll need to grab my Skin Textures Photoshop Brushes to follow along with this tutorial.


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  • Lynda D

    One more thing. Currently, I’m doing everything with a mouse, and I believe that’s ninety-percent my problem, right there. I’m thinking I’m going to have to break down and buy a pen-tablet-thingamabob. Is this right? Is it only possible to do what you do with a pen tablet?

    • Stephanie

      You’re pretty much right. I did my first digital painting with a mouse, but the only thing I did with it was fur… which was still doable. Something like this, which is pretty precise painting, you’d want a tablet for. I think, once you got used to your tablet, you’d find yourself improved a hundredfold, at least.

      As for the other comment and what I did here, the basic concepts that I showed while it was slowed down are really the jist of painting skin. What I didn’t show is how to come up with colors, how to really do shading, how to block out shapes, etc. And that’s the main part of painting people’s skin. This is really just about the details.

      I’m still learning a lot about those others myself, truthfully, but I DO have a tutorial I put out some years ago about the color theory used when painting skin. Eek, they seem to have taken it down over at Elfwood. Well, it was almost 10 years ago, not terribly surprising.

      There’s a lot of great Youtube videos and other tutorials out there that should help you, though. Check and YouTube’s tutorials. And best of luck to you! :)

      • Lynda D

        I’ve been haunting YouTube lately. Thanks for your input!