Pixie & Fairy Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

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Pixie & Fairy Brushes

Brushes: 28

Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+
GIMP 2.2.6+

Description: Various glowing pixies. Faeries, fairies, pixies… whatever you want to call them, they’re cute and they’re aglow! Includes all kinds of poses — sitting, standing, playful poses, soaring/flying, and more!

Pixie & Fairy Brushes
How to Install?
Terms of Use

Download the image pack (for those without Photoshop & GIMP)

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69 Responses to Pixie & Fairy Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

  1. Martina says:

    Hello! I love so much this brushes but I can’t use them because I have Photoshop CS5 and this brushes are incompatible for me…:( can you do it compatible for Photoshop CS5? Please :D
    Thank you so much :)

    • Stephanie says:

      These ARE compatible with CS5. All of my brushes work in ALL versions of Photoshop that have come out since version 7.

      • Dreamy says:

        Just make sure all your brushes are in the correct file.. photoshop/presets/brushes shouldn’t be a problem! I’m able to use all the brushes i download. So long as they have .abr as the file extension they are photoshop compatible no matter what the version!

  2. Amy says:

    They do indeed work. Thank You. :)

  3. Thank you so much for use of the brushes. I used them for a little pic on Flickr(for my 365).

  4. Tony says:

    Am very new to Photoshop (2 weeks) and am trying to make a desktop wallpaper of my little girl.
    These will work very nicely.
    Thank you very much :)

  5. kelly says:

    thank you very much…they are for “proof” that the tooth fairy exists for my little girl whom is about to lose her first tooth. they are truly beautify

  6. TinyAngel says:

    Love these brushes (and every brush on your site!)
    They work fantastic in GIMP too! Thank you!
    Used these brushes in this image: http://tinyangel21.deviantart.com/#/d4k17uz
    Thanks again!

  7. feiflygirl says:

    thank you so much !This brushe so woderful.i am finding some brushe for make a wedding album for my sister.

  8. Sally says:

    Thank you for the fairy brushes. they helped add a little magic to a garden lit with fairy lights for Christmas and New Year. Happy 2013!

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  11. Chrystal L Brown says:

    I am trying to figure fairy photoshop brushes anyone can help me figure out how to even get started !

    • Stephanie says:

      First off, click the “Download” button to get the ABR file and my terms of use. Then, click on the “How to Install?” button right next to the download button for a tutorial that will explain how to install them and use them. I have other tutorials, as well, that help you go even further with figuring out how they work.

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