Seamless Stonework Stock Images

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Stonework Images

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Description: Various stonework textures — all seamless, if tiled. Mostly gray toned stones. Works great for walls or floor textures!

Very High Resolution!

Stonework Stock Images
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8 Responses to Seamless Stonework Stock Images

  1. LivE says:

    thanks for these, stephanie! it’s been a while! glad to have you back :D

  2. JoyceB says:

    Thank you, Stephanie!

  3. Brad says:

    I keep getting a… “Nuts! We can’t find what you were looking for.” when trying to download these images.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Whoops. Thanks, Brad. All fixed again.

  5. Abwettar says:

    Wow, I just chanced upon this place quite by accident, and I love it :)
    I’ll certainly be using some of these brushes and stock in the future, thanks for providing them!

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