Snow & Snowflakes Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

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Snow & Snowflakes Brushes

Brushes: 26

Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+
GIMP 2.2.6+

Description: Various images of snow and snowflakes. This includes various flakes in different shapes, but some of them are patterned, some are vector style, some are crocheted, there’s some scattered flake shapes, as well as some made to look like real snow that you can add to any scene to make it look like it’s snowing!

Snow & Snowflakes Brushes
How to Install?
Terms of Use

Download the image pack (for those without Photoshop & GIMP)

  • Jessica

    Thanks, Stephanie. I know this sounds dumb, but I’ve just done some internet searching and I can’t seem to find the difference between having brushes “installed” and “loaded”. People seem to use the two terms interchangably. If I put the .ABR files into presets>brushes, doesn’t that automatically load them?

    Also, I was just thinking, if I’m making a Christmas card, would I need to put credits on there somewhere since I’m using your brush (and for whatever digital scrapbook kit I use?) I’ve never seen credits on a Christmas card before, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks!

  • Suzy

    Thanks for these — ya never know when you might need some snow, right?

  • Stephanie

    @Jessica: If you made a card with them, then yes, you would either need to put the credits on there OR purchase a commercial license. Commercial licenses are $3 per set, and when you purchase them I send you a PDF document absolving you of the need to credit me alongside the use of that brush set, so anytime you use that brush set from then on, you wouldn’t need to credit me. T-shirts, cards, etc are EXACTLY what the commercial licenses are for. :)

    You can read more about them here:

  • JoyceB

    Thanks again, Stephanie…:-)

  • Jon

    Fab! Thanks just saved me an age. Happy Christmas!

  • Spawny

    nice 10x guyz Merry X-Mas!!

  • Madilyn

    These are amazing brushes, but they take along time to download for me. It’s worth it though. Keep up the AWESOME work.

  • breadmocha

    Thank yooooou! XD

  • http://none terry

    These where the first brushes i got :)

  • http://none terry

    Thanks lots :) MAKE MORE PLEASE! please make a brush in the shape of a person.

  • http://none terry

    Madbetta, are you there?

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  • Mungo

    It’s always Christmas with people like you sharing their talent, thank you for your gifts

  • St├ęphanie

    Thanks they’re great :) xx

  • all natural energy drink

    great brushes. i like the snowflakes. they are very nostalgic.

  • Mike

    Thanks, very useful set for the comming winter!

  • Andrea

    Hey :)
    Just wanted to say thx for those cool brushes!
    Used them here today:

  • Chris

    Thanks so much for these lovely snowflakes. They are just what I was looking for. Happy Holidays!

  • Andrea

    I used them two more times since my last one :)
    I love them! Thank you!

    Used here:

  • Martin Lapietra

    If a web layout like this is made, how would i add the links to each section or each one of the tabs

  • amit

    i would iove to use them,its awesome thank you.

  • utah gynecologist

    Those are really amazing brushes. Just what we need to an upcoming design project. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  • Tina “The Book Lady”

    What are brushes? I’m having some trouble figuring it out. Is it just like snow that is animated on the page – or is it a blog background? Sorry for the dumb ? – I’ve never heard of these before today & I was just looking for a graphic of a present (which I found).

    Is it easy to download it and add to Blogger?

    • Stephanie

      They’re shapes, made for Photoshop or GIMP. So you need to have one of those programs (or any graphical design program that makes use of brushes) to use them. I have further answers to this on my FAQ page, as well. :)

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