Vector Designs Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

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Vector Designs Brushes

Brushes: 32

Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+
GIMP 2.2.6+

Description: Various vector designs and shapes. They all follow the same basic design structure and could be used to create patterns together. Includes circles, squares, stars, hearts, triangles, swirls, flowers, brackets, etc.

Vector Designs Brushes
How to Install?
Terms of Use

Download the image pack (for those without Photoshop & GIMP)

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10 Responses to Vector Designs Photoshop & GIMP Brushes

  1. Hari says:


  2. Gian says:

    nice! big help, thanks!

  3. Daniel says:

    will be used imediatly

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  5. saw yan naing says:

    thankz > i am Myanmar citizen. my gmail
    i am Digital Video Editor & Photo desigan

  6. saw yan naing says:

    My Company phone number Myanmar code- 01-243980,01-254617,01-386945

  7. annlo says:

    Thank you soo much for all hard work making and sharing your fantastic creations!!!

  8. sucuk says:

    thenk you very much for the all brushes and another downloaded!!

  9. k_bin says:

    i like your website.. it so creative… keep creative!!! :)))))

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