Originality Pledge    

All of my work is 100% original. The rights to these resources are my own, and everything here was made by me.

This is my promise to you.

The only sets not based on my own photos or imagination are: Baby, Embellishments, Feathers, Gems, Glass Bottles, Holiday, Labels, Pressed Garden Flowers, and Pressed Wildflowers. These came from royalty-free or copyright-free material and are still safe to use. They simply weren’t taken from photos I took myself.

Sometimes, the designs you will find here may be inspired by a design from somewhere else. In such a case, the design will never be copied and always be very loosely based on the inspiration. In other words, it will always be changed sufficiently enough to make the work my own.

Being a graphic designer and artist myself, I am always very careful about copyright issues.

If you ever want specifics about the origin of any of my resources, you are welcome to contact me.