Commercial Licenses    

So, you want to use my resources… but prefer not to have to give credit? Or just don’t want to have to worry about it? A commercial license is for you!

Commercial licenses are purchasable by the set, and they don’t ever expire. This will give you full rights to use the set in your designs as you please, without needing to provide credit back to here.

Note: Purchasing a commercial license does NOT give you the right to redistribute or sell these resources “as-is”. That is the only limitation, however.

Photoshop Brushes, Shapes, Image Packs, and Patterns $3.00 per set
Themed Sets $5.00 per set
Single Stock Images $1.00 per image

A “set” is a ZIP file full of similar images, shapes, brushes, fonts, vectors, patterns, etc. “Arcane Circles Photoshop & GIMP Brushes” is a set, as is “Halloween Photoshop Custom Shapes.” Basically, each download is usually considered a “set,” unless stated otherwise.

Bulk Discounts for Sets:
10% off if you purchase between 20-59 sets.
15% off if you purchase between 60-89 sets.
20% off if you purchase more than 90 sets.

Purchasing Licenses

You may purchase licenses on the same page that you downloaded the brushes on. Use the “search” to find your set quickly (upper right hand corner on desktop or in the main menu for mobile).

Once you’ve added all the sets that you wish to purchase to your cart, you can view your cart and checkout by clicking on the cart on the upper right of the website (or in the pullout menu if you’re on a smaller resolution or tablet/phone).

Currently, I only accept payments through PayPal. ¬†Even if you don’t want to sign up for PayPal, you can make a payment through them, via my cart, with a credit card. If you are unable to use PayPal some reason, contact me and we’ll try to work something else out using the good ol’ Post Office.

Once you have completed your payment, you should print out or save your receipt and licenses.  These printouts are what give you legal right to use these resources in your designs without needing to give credit.